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Rules of Conduct
All students admitted to the college are bound to follow the following rules of conduct…
  1. Students must wear the prescribed uniform with apron during working hours.
  2. Every student must carry on his person the identity card issued by the college.
  3. Smoking, drinking alcohol and non-medical use of narcotic drugs in the college campus is strictly prohibited.
  4. Students must be regular and punctual in attending classes as it will be an important criterion for allotment of internal assessment marks.
  5. Use of cell phone in the college premises is prohibited.
  6. Any damage caused by the students deliberately or intentionally to any movable or immovable property of the college or the associated medical institution will lead to expulsion of the students on disciplinary grounds.
  7. Decision of the three-member disciplinary committee shall be final and binding.
  8. Criminal offences shall be dealt with as per the law.
  9. Ragging of students in any form within or outside the college campus is strictly prohibited. Those found guilty of ragging will be dealt with in accordance to the law and can even be expelled from the college.
  10. The principal and the college administration reserve the right to remove from the rolls the name of any student who fails to pay his college / hostel dues in time.
  11. All students are required to read the notice board regularly. The college shall not accept any responsibility for any loss to the student for not reading any notice in time.
  12. No student shall be allowed to appear for the university examination unless he / she has paid all his / her dues, completed the home assignment give to him / her and has a minimum attendance of 75%.
  13. The management reserves the right to change, at any time without notice, any rules and provisions laid down herein.
  14. All disputes shall be subject to the Bilaspur Jurisdiction.

Annual Fees

  • BDS: 206309 per year
  • MDS: 454062 per year
  • Hostel: 72000 per year

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